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Thank you for signing up for the automation playbook

We’re beyond excited to show you how you can use automation to create better experiences for your customers
In this playbook, we outline and describe the exact changes we made to our CX Function that were a part of how Obvi reached 8 figures.
Our goal with the playbook is to distill our hardest lessons into actionable tips so you can avoid the struggles we went through...
Inside you’ll get the set up we use to automate 27% of our CX tickets (like Quick Responses, Article Recommendations, and WISMO responses).
This will free up hours from your CX reps and build loyalty through better customer experiences.
Btw - Keep an eye out for our announcement about The Obvi NYC giveaway soon!
We’ll release the playbook on February 14th and you’ll be the first to know when to download.
By the way…big thanks to Gorgias, who is sponsoring this playbook! If you wanna automate 30% of your tickets or manage 150 CX Tickets with 1.5 agents like we do, sign up before February 14th and get a special onboarding session with their team.