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Brought to you by Ashvin Melwani & Ronak Shah. We're the founders of Obvi - a collagen brand that we've grown from 0-$40 million in 40 months. In this newsletter - we're sharing ALL of our secrets, learnings, and mistakes

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More and more “DTC” brands have gotten to realize that DTC is a channel and not an entire business model.

Over the last few years, many brands (including ours) that started as DTC native brands have chosen to go down the retail route.

But how do you even get into retail in the first place?

… and more importantly, how do you stay on the retail shelves?

Digestable content in all aspects in the DTC Field.

The importance of starting with the fundamentals

We talk A LOT about different strategies and tactics you can use to improve your conversion rate, LTV, AOV, CAC, etc.

… and while that's all cool - we also want to underline that none of the advanced tactics matters if you don't have a strong foundation.

So if you've started a new DTC brand, or you're just struggling to find success with your current brand - go back to the basics and dial in on these things.

Lot of things have been happening, banks failing, recession, interest rates rising, lower discretionary spend.... What can you focus on? during this time? We lay it all out for you on this season finale!